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Advanced Electric and Controls Inc.

Advanced Electric and Controls Inc is very proud to have served our community since 2012. Our focus on providing a valuable service to our customers is top priority. Actually taking the time to listen and speak with our customers is a crucial part of the planning process, This ensures the proposed solutions actually work with the customers needs.

Our goal is to ensure the customer experience is top notch from the initial call to the last visit. We want you to understand and be comfortable with the scope of work. This will help ensure the correct solution for YOUR needs. Our years of experience and care for your home will make this project a success!

To all of those who have allowed us to complete your electrical projects we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, The ability to help our community improve their daily life provides us with a great sense of purpose and pride.

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We Work For You

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The AEC Difference

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AEC takes pride in ensuring our customers understand the process and requirements of the work we complete. We believe when the customer has been given the opportunity to understand it can help them make an educated decision that is the best for them.

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Installation Quality

AEC ensures the task at hand has been completed to the best of our ability, this work practice results in a higher quality fit and finish and better end results for the customer.

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Details Matter

AEC ensures clarity is achieved by providing detailed estimates for customer projects. This will confirm that all details have been discussed prior to the start of the project. The customer is well informed of the exact scope of work to be completed and AEC walks them through the process into completion.

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Ensuring Safe Workspaces

AEC will complete outlined work with safety always being a top priority. This may require some minor inconveniences such as power disruptions however considering the potential hazards associated with electrical work this is a very small price to pay to ensure safety to both customers and Employees of AEC.

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AEC is remarkably familiar with older homes and typical construction practices; this gives us a huge advantage when working in environments where fishing wiring within existing structures is required. This can also help provide the customer with realistic expectations when encountering renovations in existing homes.

Rob Hoffmann

Owner/Master Electrician

Rob Hoffmann

From an incredibly early age I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Whether it was with electricity or mechanically I had a knack for figuring out how things work. I was incredibly lucky to have this skill translate into my career.

While in high school I was fortunate to have been enrolled in the Co-op program and was able to spend a semester collaborating with an electrical contractor who introduced me to the trade. Because of that experience I had received a summer job. This led to becoming an apprentice and after years of training and experienced have opened my own successful electrical contracting business.

For me, the ability to provide a customer with a compatible solution is a must. I am a firm believer of treating others how I would want to be treated and this is the mentality Advanced Electric and Controls Inc was built around. I Want to ensure the customer knows that we actually care about their project, and they are not simply “another job” to us.